Breath of the Wild Fan shows off an amazing cross-stitch tapestry they’ve been working on for years

A Breath of the Wild fan decided to take on the incredible task of recreating the famous tapestry image found in the game.


Most of the history of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is shown through the game’s memory cutscenes, which tell players what happened 100 years before the present time. An extremely devoted breath of the wild fan decided to show his passion in a big way by literally weaving history into his tapestry.

After completing breath of the wildIn The Great Plateau tutorial area, players encounter the old man who had guided them this far. He will tell them a brief introduction to what has happened to Hyrule over the past 100 years, and the story is told on a piece of tapestry. On the tapestry is an image of Calamity Gano battling Link, surrounded by the Autonomous Guardians, and the Divine Beasts at the four corners with Hyrule Castle at the top.


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Reddit user Laialda showed off her incredible tapestry recreated in the style of the tapestry featured in the breath of the wild story. They’re only about 50% of the way through the tapestry, but what they have right now is a very faithful representation of what was shown in breath of the wild. They mentioned that what they have now has taken the better part of two years, with lots of progress being made over the past few months.

The comments section is full of praise for Laialda for her tapestry work and precision. Considering it is woven on a tapestry, the time and labor that must have gone into making it must be immense. They mention that doing just one of the many Guardians of the breath of the wild the tapestry takes an hour to do and there seems to be around 100, with plenty more to do.

the Zelda The community is probably one of the most passionate about the game, and its influence can be seen pretty much all over the world. the Zelda the community likes to show cosplays, create their own breath of the wild website to share gaming memories and show their love for the series in other ways as well.

Hopefully, in the future, Laialda will be able to provide more updates once the progress is nearly complete.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now available on Nintendo Switch and Wii U.

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