Blue Box delays its discontinued gaming app in August, fueling Silent Hill rumors

Blue Box Studios, the developer of the upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive Abandoned, has delayed its gaming app, which was due to launch today, fueling rumors suggesting that Abandoned is in fact a Silent Hill game.

The campaign for the recently announced PlayStation 5 exclusive horror game Abandoned is either pure genius or a total mess. The game, which is being developed by a small independent studio based in the Netherlands, Blue Box, was only teased with a simple trailer, but PlayStation fans keep talking about it online.

Thanks to Blue Box’s cryptic tweets, which include a message that their game starts with an “S” and ends with an “L”, fans believe Abandoned is actually a Silent Hill game, made by Kojima Productions. Why would Sony be promoting the game in such a weird way, you might ask? Well, it wouldn’t be the first time Kojima has played tricks on his fans.

Today, Blue Box confirmed that its trailer app, which was due to launch today, has been postponed until August 2021, adding even more fuel to the fire. Now Silent Hill fans have started to speculate that this is clearly a game from the developers, as no one would actually delay the trailer on the day it is supposed to air.

And they are clearly right. It’s either just a big ploy, or abandoned developers are really, really bad at keeping their promises. Either way, it shouldn’t take long before we find out if this game has anything to do with Silent Hill since August is coming soon and Sony is reportedly hosting its big game showcase in July as well.

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