A great danger awaits children in online games!

A great danger awaits children in online games!

Experts warn that computer games continue to be an increasing risk in children’s lives!

Lawyer Kürşat Ergün said: “One of the frequently encountered problems recently; It has been understood that during online games played on online channels, acts such as pedophilia and child sexual abuse are committed intensively. Due to this situation, we need to explain the actions that children are exposed to while playing online games in order to enlighten society, especially parents. The number of online games, which can be defined as one or more people playing different games on the Internet with computers, tablets or mobile phones, and those who prefer these games, is increasing day by day.

Ergün said, “We see that the average age of the audience that prefers these gaming platforms is quite low, under the age of 18. By accepting parents as completely normal in today’s age; It is not known that these game platforms, which do not interfere with the thought of their children playing games, are quite risky for children. sohbet has the opportunity. As a result of requests made with complaints, this sohbet your opportunity is not geared towards the game being played; It is seen to be used in the form of messages that constitute the crime of pedophilia and sexual abuse of the child, such as making sexual statements to people under the age of 18, their desire to establish relations bilateral agreements and relationship proposals. The recipients of these messages and the victims of crime are not just girls. Sohbet We would like to point out that this crime was committed against girls and boys by taking advantage of this opportunity and the number of people exposed to this crime is increasing day by day.

Finally, attorney Kürşat Ergün stated the following; “With the development of technology, the use of the Internet has increased dramatically, but when the user is a child, parents should carefully consider the platforms used and be very careful to prevent their children from suffering such grievances. If similar situations arise, the situation must be immediately reported to law enforcement and the public prosecutor.

Specialist psychologist Tuğçe Yılmaz said the following; “Computer games have various negative effects on children. The most important of these is the desensitization of children to violence. It is seen that violent games expose the child to violent acts at a high rate, and after a while, the child and the youngster become desensitized to this act. At the same time, the fact that children constantly play at home or in another environment has negative consequences in terms of social relations. Avoiding the social environment, feeling lonely, inability to relate, and diminished communication skills are some of them. This addiction decreases the academic success of children and young people, triggers neurological disorders, causes obesity and causes young people to lose their sense of reality. Families have many responsibilities in this regard. Parents should check the content of the game their children are playing. Psychological support should be sought in cases that progress and lead to addiction.

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