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If you’ve been logged out from today for a day, in ComputerHoy.com’s summary we’ll tell you everything that has happened in the past 24 hours. Welcome!

Two years later, we are still the same: Amazon, Meta, and Twitter announce they won’t be attending CES 2022 because of Omicron.

What is web3? Elon Musk and the founder of Twitter debated the New Internet. We tell you what it consists of.

The 2022 mobiles are already taking shape: the iPhone 14 Pro will have a 48 Mpx sensor, first official image of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, and lots and lots of foldable mobiles.

Technology news

CES 2022 starts to falter: cancellations start because of Ómicron. Read the news

It’s not Google, it was the most visited site on the Internet in 2021. Read the news

What is Web3, the new Internet that confuses Elon Musk and the founder of Twitter. Read the news

Changes in the electricity bill that the Government is preparing for 2022. Read the news

Computer Hoy’s 606 number is already in your booth! Read the news

DuckDuckGo is developing a faster and more private browser than Chrome for desktop and mobile. Read the news

Vote at the 2021 ComputerHoy Awards: finalists for the best entry-level smartphones. Read the news

Mobile phones

Apple to upgrade to 48MP with new iPhone 14 Pro in 2022 after years and years of 12MP sensors. Read the news

Realme GT2 will be released on January 4 and its Pro version will be top. Read the news

The design of the realme GT 2 Pro Master Edition can be seen before its presentation. Read the news

2022 will be the year of folding, Honor confirms its Magic V. Read the news

The first official images of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra are filtered and it makes you think too much of a Galaxy Note. Read the news

The Huawei P50 Pocket can be seen in video and this is how the new Huawei folding behaves. Read the news

Samsung is putting the brakes on updating Android 12 and One UI 4.0 due to a number of issues. Read the news

Computers and tablets

Despite promises made to China, it has many years to compete with NVIDIA: its graphics card disappoints. Read the news

Apple will not give up launching new Intel equipment despite the success of its M1. Read the news

Not all USB-C ports are Thunderbolt 3 and there is a big difference. Read the news

It’s time for square screens: LG DualUp Monitor in 16:18 format. Read the news

How to install multiple bootable operating systems on a USB flash drive. Read the tutorial

How to create a new Hotmail account or recover an old one that you have lost. Read the tutorial

25 accessories that will improve your telecommuting space at home. Consult the list

How Telegram Web works: setup and all you can do without using your mobile. Read the tutorial

Way of life

With this new app, you will be able to control home devices from your Wear OS watch. Read the news

8 projects to do at home with the family for Christmas. Read the tutorial

Last minute Christmas gifts that arrive in time for the 25th if you buy them now. Read the news

The best Christmas recipes for Lidl’s alternative to the Thermomix. Read the report

Still haven’t done your New Year’s Eve shopping? They are the cheapest online supermarkets around. Read the news

Leisure and games

Have you completed these 7 well-known series? On December 31, they will disappear from Netflix. Read the news

Winter Sale kicks off on Steam and a free game to start Christmas off right. Read the news


This is how Volkswagen wants electric cars to be recharged in the future. Read the news

7 cars that have been very important in the history of Ford. Read the news

Few drivers know what to do to prevent them from braking hard: do not turn on the hazard warning lights. Read the news


This is how the famous robot Boston Dynamics wants to congratulate you on Christmas. Read the news

The curiosities of the day

Retired tester: they pay 600 euros to retirees for having made a digital life as a teenager. Read the news

Is your cat sitting in front of the keyboard while you telecommute? This curious viral trick explains how to avoid it. Read the news

This was the summary of today’s technological news. Have a good day!

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