Month: November 2022

China claims to have ‘solved’ children’s addiction to online games, but attention has shifted to videos

China has “substantially solved” the problem of online gambling addiction among its youth, according to a new report co-authored by the China Game Industry Group Committee, the country’s top gaming industry body. In September 2021, the National Administration of Press and Publication, which oversees video game licensing in China, began requiring game companies to forbid […]

My catfish game is so strong people demand to know how I do it and want a tutorial on my crazy makeup skills

THE power of makeup is undeniable and can completely change a person’s appearance. Melissa Kruells took ICT Tac to prove this point and posted a video showing it very awesome “catfish game”. 3 Melissa Kruells posted a video showing off her very impressive “catfish game”Credit: TikTok/@melissakruells 3 Melissa before her very glam makeupCredit: TikTok/@melissakruells In […]

After calling online games a ‘spiritual opiate’, China says young people have now kicked the habit

In another sign Beijing may be preparing to ease its ongoing crackdown on the games industry (opens in a new tab), China’s leading gaming industry association released a report today stating that the problem of gambling addiction among young Chinese people has been “substantially solved”. Well, I guess it wasn’t that hard, was it? The […]

Here’s what happens when you skip the Pokemon Scarlet/Violet tutorial using a glitch – NintendoSoup

As many are well aware, Pokemon scarlet and violet have a lot of weirdness Failure and Bugsplayers discovering more and more every day. Unsurprisingly, at least one player managed to exploit the game’s buggy state to skip the tutorial and jump straight into the open world. Since the tutorial is quite long, this could have […]

You can now load PS4 game patches (60FPS, etc…) directly with GoldHEN 2.2.5b7 + GoldHEN Cheats Manager 1.0.0

GoldHEN Cheats Manager 1.0.0 (screenshot from BrutalSam video tutorial) OrHEN 2.2.5b7 was released a few weeks ago for beta testers (the latest official build is still 2.2.4) and has made its way to the many public servers that host the PS4 9.00 Jailbreak. Yesterday, GoldHEN Cheat Manager has been updated with in-game patches, to take […]

Booming segments of the debt consolidation market; Investors Seeking Eye-Catching Growth: Explore Personal Loans, Pacific Debt, OneMain Financial, Liberty Debt Relief

The latest published Debt Consolidation Market Research has assessed the future growth potential of the Debt Consolidation Market and provides useful information and statistics on the structure and size of the market. The report aims to provide market insights and strategic insights to help decision makers make sound investment decisions and identify potential gaps and […]

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