10 Wrestlers Who Are Ruining Their WWE Life

First, a little housekeeping.

No one is suggesting that any of the men and women on this list should jump in the opposite direction of a guaranteed paycheck. Only a few years ago, the world seemed like an uncertain and scary place, so it would be utterly foolish for any wrestling writer to think they know what’s best financially for the people doing it.

However, Should these wrestlers have a good idea of ​​where they’re going in WWE and what the rest of 2022 has in store? Hell, they should. They’re not going anywhere fast, and it must be mentally draining to sit there in the restaurant business and wonder why hellish opportunities don’t come their way or why TV time is so limited.

The blame game is easy in this industry. “Oh, creation has nothing for you”. “Oh, wrestler A can’t talk as well as wrestler B, so B got the nod instead.” It’s all fair game, but a pity party only lasts for a while. At some point, everyone here has to think about what it would be like to ply their trade elsewhere.

Can someone who writes about rasslin rightly push someone away from money? No. Can they wonder about the sequel in a creative way? Absoutely.

Let’s go inside.

If you’ve played WWE 2K22, you already know a thing or two about Drew Gulak’s charisma. Her in-game tutorials section is a riot, and she shows so much personality that WWE’s top brass never let the fans see. One has to wonder why, and why poor Drew is rarely featured when he can talk like that.

Now, no one is suggesting that 2K22’s gig was Jake Roberts at ‘Mania VI promo goodness, but it was colorful and fun. Meanwhile, when Gulak is allowed on camera for SmackDown, he is hidden in the background as a mute extra.

It sucks, and it’s a waste of time.

This guy could also fight more than half of the workers on the current roster. It is Damn technically talented, and this recent video game role has proven he has so much more to offer. Just admiring Xavier Woods’ new crown isn’t enough.

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