10 Video Game References In The Digimon TCG

One of the things most fans love about the Digimon card game is the amazing artwork that the cards have. Like most card games, Bandai prides itself on the quality of the art used. Beautiful alternate art cards that collectors love and spend tons of money onmaps that hide subtle references for Digimon superfans, the Digimon Card Game has some of the most unique and delightful artwork in the trading card space.

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To the untrained eye, most Digimon cards look like fun illustrations of cool monsters doing cool monster moves, but for most Digimon fans, the subtle details included might bring back some of their fondest childhood memories. of their favorite Digimon games.


10/10 Kabuterimon

kabuterimon digimon st4 card game with blur and logo

Most people might see the first Kabuterimon starter deck as a fun picture of a huge bug Digimon doing arm curls with four dumbbells, playing on the fact that he has four arms, but in reality the card is a reference to a gym where you can find him working out Digimon World.

You can find this workout from Kabuterimon at his gym in Beetle Land, and while he doesn’t pump iron, you can find his green dumbbells sitting lazily next to his bench press station.

metalgreymon digimon bt1 card game with blur and logo

MetalGreymon is one of the most iconic Digimon in franchise history, not only in the anime but in the games themselves. This card depicts the viral variant of MetalGreymon, right before you fight it in Mount Infinity in Digimon World.

Every kid who’s played Digimon World remembers the iconic moment of encountering this beast, the terrifying matrix boundary of grid-like floors, and the long walk down the hall – only to encounter MetalGreymon standing in your way, moments before battling the mighty Machinedramon.

8/10 Weedmon

weedmon bt5 digimon card game with blur and logo

Some of the healthiest moments in Digimon World games are when you can defeat Digimon in the wasteland, earn their respect, and provide them with steady employment in the hub world.

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Weedmon is very critical of the Digimon you employed at his favorite restaurant. This card features a cute Monochromon doing his best in the kitchen while Weedmon is unhappy with this service. In Digimon World, you can find these Digimon arguing and haggling over meat prices.

7/10 Agumon

agumon st7 digimon card game with blur and logo

Although he does not become Tai Kamiya’s Agumon. Marcus Damon’s Agumon is always full of personality. In this card, Agumon is seen defeating a lowly Otamamon. This scene is the popular Digimon World Data Squad tutorial scene.

This scene could have been slightly better if Marcus had miraculously intervened and defeated the Otamamon himself, but this card will do until Bandai releases a Marcus that can attack other Digimon.

6/10 Palmon

digimon promo palmon card game with blur

One of the most scenic cards in the Digimon card game, this Palmon promo might look like a cute Palmon jumping around with a digital-looking background for a bit of color contrast. This map is actually a reference to the digital space known as Kowloon in Digimon Story: Cyber ​​Detective of their version of the Internet, called Eden.

Since Palmon is one of three Digimon you can choose as your starting Digimon, she’s the perfect candidate for a cute reference to one of the best Digimon games on the market. PlayStation 4.

5/10 Machmon

machmon bt6 digimon card game with blur and logo

Some of the more obscure Digimon tend to take a few extra liberties with their design. Machmon is just a motorcycle, pure and simple. Not the worst thing, but not the best either. The only video game that Machmon makes sense for is a racing game. Luckily, Digimon, like many other franchises, has also dabbled in the arcade racing game genre.

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Digimon Racing was launched on Game Boy Advance. Although not well received, it gave fans lots of adorable illustrations of cute Digimon driving go-karts, like the Agumon trying to overtake Machmon in the background of this map.

4/10 Tanemon

tanemon bt digimon card game with blur and logo

There will never be a cuter card than cards that feature the baby Digimon. This Tanemon card is downright adorable, but it’s also a reference to Digimon World. This Tanemon runs the File City Meat Farm where you can replenish your stock, so you can keep your current Digimon fully powered.

Unfortunately, this small business owner only gives you meat until you recruit Palmon, then retires from the farm game, happy as a clam. Or plant?

3/10 Veemon

veemon digimon st8 card game with logo and blur

This Veemon map isn’t an outright reference to Digimon World 2, but if you pay close attention to the background, you can see the DigiBeetle, the vehicle used in-game as transportation between games. of the world, given to the protagonist by his mentor. .

While not one of Veemon’s first Digivolution partners in the game, Veedramon is featured as the cover Digimon in Digimon World 2. Subtle references like these are what make some cards fan favorites. and a joy to watch.

2/10 Nokia Shiramine

nokia shiramine bt5 digimon card game with blur and logo

Not as cleverly hidden as other references, Nokia Shiromine is an exclusive character in Digimon Story: Cyber ​​Sleuth. Nokia is one of the game’s three protagonists, but she is not the main character. Unlike most Digimon games and media, the protagonist of Cyber ​​Sleuth does not get Agumon like his Digimon partner, but rather Nokia Shiramine. Not only that, but she also gets Gabumon as her partner duo.

There aren’t many cards from Digimon Story: Cyber ​​Sleuth and any of its sequel, Hacker’s Memory, which makes Nokia a great addition, especially for new Digimon fans.

1/10 Analog Youth

youth analog card game ex1 digimon blur and logo

Although his name is never revealed in Digimon World, when Analog Youth appears in Digimon World: Next Order, one of the characters gives him the nickname Mameo—a reference to the Mamemon on his knit cap.

Mameo is almost as iconic as Agumon himself. For anyone who played Digimon World growing up, seeing this yellow jacket and black knit beanie combo brings a wave of punishing nostalgia. So much nostalgia, in fact, that Bandai fired up every fan’s feelings by bringing it back to Digimon World: Next Order. Analog Youth will always be a part of Digimon, and it is rightly immortalized in one of the best generic Tamer cards in the Digimon card game.

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